How My Small Business Began / What I Hope For The Future

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

ArtbySilvana started as a small portfolio of my work. It then blossomed into a space for me to sell custom painted tote bags, handmade accessories and stickers of my past work.

Now, I have begun incorporating my two passions into one platform. My one main passion being art & creating; the other being reselling vintage clothing and other items.

I sell across a variety of platforms: depop, mercari, poshmark, curtsy, facebook marketplace, kidizen. In September 2020, I became a verified top seller on depop where my business began to boom. I started out back in 2019 by posting pictures of items from my NYC closet with my main goal being to maximize space. Little did I know how much it would grow from there. As of March 2021, I have 940+ sales (on depop alone), and 480+ five star reviews. That is not including the hundreds of other items sold across various platforms.

My current inventory is somewhere around 2000+ items. I source my items via traditional thrift, donated clothing from friends and family, and I also do consignment for friends/family.

If you are looking to consign with me, shoot me an email at

I always had a passion for the old and unique, always inspired by archives and forgotten items. I've been thrifting with my mom since I was a baby. Now she is my biggest supporter, my manager, and my shipping lady. I was able to travel the country this past summer; living on a steady income from inventory being sold at my house, and shipped by my mom.

Living at home for the past few months, my mom & I have only expanded our business. We have turned an entire room of our house into a "shop room". Everything is neat & organized so that it is easy to find. Every morning my mom & I wake up, make breakfast together, and pack orders from the previous day.

Some days are slow, but some days I am lucky. I appreciate each and every customer that I have and every sale that I make.

I can only hope to expand my site, and increase sales for the future. I hope to upload more inventory to my website, so customers can buy direct from me. I also hope to participate in more live pop-up events, flea markets, and eventually have my own boutique where I can sell my vintage items alongside my handmade art and textiles.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you & I am grateful for every person and every sale who helped get me to where I am today. Thank you.




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