Top Five Amazon Must-Haves For Keeping Inventory Organized

Staying organized is one of the biggest challenges that I'm faced with while running my business. Having such a large number of items in my inventory becomes a bit overwhelming at times.

In this post I'm going to list some essential items for staying organized without spending a fortune. Something helpful things to remember; every penny spent on items that go towards your business (whether it be organizational items, shipping supplies, or even postage) can be written off as a business expense. This is important to keep in mind when doing your taxes come March/ April.

Click the pictures below to see some organizational must-haves & items to help you get started setting up your shop at home.


if you're looking for functional yet aesthetic

*this clothes rack is for you. Although a bit more pricey, it remains a chic and minimalist decor option for your space (whether it be your own apartment or your childhood bedroom). This clothes rack has a bar to hang clothes, a shelf along the top for folded garments or bins, and a shelf along the bottom for shoes.


if you're looking for functional on a budget

*make this your go to. This rack is fair priced for the amount of items that you can fit on it, and it still features two shelves. Stack some bins along the higher shelf, hang some coats on the rack and you have yourself a mini shop. Flaws? This rack is a bit wider, as it is technically combines two racks into one. If you have the space to store, then go for it. But if space is limited, perhaps stick to a single rack.

(amazon: $39.99)

if you're looking for the exact one that I have

*then here ya go! Well not exactly the same, but this is as close as it gets. I bought my Honey-Can-Do clothes rack four years ago at Target. I initially purchased it as additional storage for my freshman dorm room at FIT. Once I started building up my inventory, my mom & I decided that searching for newly sold items through piles on my bedroom floor probably wasn't the best idea. We reassembled my old clothes rack and hung the garments in a color coordinated pattern. Since this one features a top shelf, I stack a fabric bin with folded pants on top. I also keep some shoes stacked on the top, as well as purses in a fabric bin. I do not have the second shelf on mine (probably because it is an older version) but you can line up more shoes on these bottom two shelves, as well as fabric bins filled with tees & camisole tank tops.

(amazon: $54.94)


if you're looking for inexpensive but efficient

*then buy these! At *technically* only $3.16 a piece; these storage bins come in a set of 6 and are under $20. These are great with helping to organize small items; such as folded pants, bras & bralettes (yes people DO buy those), cami tanks, graphic tees, and baby tees. You can even store small handbags in here. I recently invested in a ton of fabric storage bins & I think that they add a sophisticated elegance to any sort of organization. They just look clean & simple, and it helps not being able to see what is inside.

(amazon: $18.97)

if you're looking for functional yet minimalist

*these are the perfect option. A little bit larger and more expensive than the ones above, but I think it's worth it if you want to spend a little bit more on creating an aesthetic. Your "office space" and "inventory warehouse" is probably a room that you spend a lot of time in (for me it's my bedroom). Why not spend a little bit more money to create a visually calming & relaxing space to store your items . These are under $20; costing about $6 a piece, and are sold in packs of 3.

(amazon: $17.99)

if you're looking for something a little bit bigger

*these bins are big, bad and bold. Not really that bad, actually. The dimensions of these bins are 13"x13" so they probably won't work best on the top of a clothes rack. The optimal space for these bins would be an open floor space along a wall, or perhaps the shelf on the bottom of your clothes rack. These are under $25 coming in at about $8 a bin. They have a soft linen look to them and are made of cotton canvas, so these would look great in a neutral home, or could be plant dyed with beets, turmeric or avocado for the ethical maximalist looking for a fun project.

(amazon: $23.99)


if you're looking for more for your money

*buy these! If you're buying a clothes rack, you're going to need something to hang the clothes with. In my opinion; why spend more than you need to? These cost about .43 a piece. These black hangers come in a 50 pack and have notches so your clothes don't slip off the plastic. I use these for my own clothes, and find them to work the best. These are a must especially if you're going to be sourcing new vintage, and not just pulling from your own inventory. (amazon: $21.99)

if you're looking for inexpensive yet aesthetic

*then pick me! These ivory hangers are coated in a plush velvet, so that your clothes (especially the more expensive items) do not slip off or get holes from the notches. They also have swivel heads for easy mobility.

They come in black & ivory; so whichever you prefer, you're getting a great deal while still keeping your room stylish & aesthetically pleasing. They are ultra thin so they reduce closet / rack space. They clock in at about .40 a piece and are sold in packs of 50.

(amazon: $19.99)


if you're looking for the bins that I use

*these are them. I sell a ton of jewelry on my shop. Some are pieces that my dad has collected over the years, or that I've sourced on my own from eBay and Facebook marketplace. I also have a ton of jewelry that I sell as consignment for family friends. One way for me to stay organized is by using these plastic bins. Cheap, small and stackable; these work like a charm. If you are lucky enough to have extra drawer space, these can slide right in. If not, they stack easily enough on top of each other, and can kept on a dresser top. I keep them in a drawer, as they are a bit of an eyesore. Organization hack: tape post-it notes on the inside that says what is being kept in each bin. "Rings", "necklaces", "bracelets" etc.

These come in a pack of 6, costing about $2.87 a piece.

(amazon: $17.19)

if you're looking for small & cheap

*buy these bins. They are 1.5 liters and have closable lids with handles. They come in a pack of 6 and are great for storing rings, watches, keychains and even bracelets. If you make your own jewelry; you can organize different beads, charms and wires in these bins. For custom ring bundles, one hack that I use is organizing preset bundles in small snack ziplock bags. Then, I write with a permanent marker on the plastic bag which rings are in the bundle. This helps me to stay organized and find the items quickly when they sell.

(amazon: $17.99)


if you're looking for shockingly secretive

*this is your go-to. This storage bin stays stylish even though it spends most of its time stored beneath your bed. This is great if you don't have much room underneath and it ends up being partly visible. It's crazy inexpensive, and stores a good amount of shoes. This helps clear up shelf space on a clothes rack, which allows you to stack bins with more items. This particular shoe organizer has a cloth handle so you can easily pull this out from under your bed. I love this, because it makes your inventory less visible and really utilizes room space well. (amazon $9.99)

If you're looking for a functional favorite

*add this to your shopping cart. Not only can you store shoes in this vinyl zipper bag, you can store clothes and heavier items as well. If you can't afford a clothes rack at the moment, and are tight on space, this would make great investment. This is great for storing boots & flats, with some added flexibility because it has a zipper closure. The best part? This comes in a pack of FIVE!!! Each bag costs about $5.40 a piece.

(amazon: $26.99)

if you're looking for something that I use

*then search no more. I don't use this to store my depop inventory, but I did use this for my personal shoe collection back at my apartment. This costs less than $10 (what!!!!) and depending on how large your closet door is, you might even be able to fit two! I found this to be extremely helpful and easy to set up. This is great if you are not ready to give up your closet space 100% to your new thrift hauls.

(amazon: $8.87)

All in all, there are many ways to stay organized while saving money. If you are just starting out your depop shop or small business and sourcing new inventory, it might make sense to invest in one or all of these essential five items. Let me know what you think of this article by leaving a comment, or sending me a dm on instagram @silvanalodepop !

I am manifesting sales for you & your shops! <3



Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post & support my small business. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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